Video Mapping

Video mapping For luz y vanguardias Festival of Salamanca Spain.
I wanted to create a different video mapping in which I had the protagonism! And that better through poetry, investigate a little and reading I went back to read our universal poet Don Juan Ramón Jiménez, which is a fragment that perfectly defines what is light in a universal sense and why not metaphysical, is a Fragment of poetry called “Space”. I really hit so much this fragment that this video mapping is a tribute to this illustrious and universal poet. Don Juan Ramón Jiménez.

Fragment of the poem:

Paths are only the ins and outs of light, of shadows, of light and shadow; and everything lives in them so that I become immense, and you too. What a gift of a world, what a magical universe, all for everyone, for me, I! I inside an immense universe inside, outside of you, who are safe immensity! Images of love within a concrete presence; highest grace and glory of the image, are we going to make eternity, to become eternity, become eternal, become the eternal?

You, women, I, are capable of creating eternity one and a thousand times, wherever we want to! Everything is ours and there is no end to it! Love, with you and with the light all can be made, and what you make, love, never ends!